• Provide some personal information as well as aeronautical experience (bio, driver’s license, ratings, medical certificate/BasicMed, and proof of currency)
  • Checkout flight and orientation with maintenance officer​ (or other club officer)
  • Club-wide Vote on Your Membership


ItemAmount Details
1 Share$6,000You will own 1 share of the aircraft
Monthly Dues$130Accommodates fixed costs
(insurance, hangar rent, general maintenance)
Hourly Charge
(calculated via tach)
$46Accommodates repair/maintenance
respective to operation of aircraft


Your share is purchased back minus whatever outstanding balance you may owe when you leave the club. We allow up to 90 days to buy your share back after notification of exit.

The hourly charge is calculated from the tachometer. It is a dry charge, therefore, you purchase and pay for your own fuel.


Reserve the aircraft up to 72 hours anytime and 9 consecutive days once a year (no daily minimum charge).

We have club officers, President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Maintenance Officer, elected annually. Our books are review and verified by a CPA. The numbers above reflect our commitment to operate the club as financially efficiently as possible while providing the least likelihood of scenarios requiring out of pocket additional funds.

Upon joining you’ll be added to the club insurance policy.

Please contact us for more detailed information, a guest login to see plane availability, bylaws, and more.

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